Scorpio Zodiac Sign

SCORPIO - "THE HEALER": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra, it is time to learn more about the Scorpio energy.

What you need to know about Scorpio

- Symbol: The symbol implies the sting at the top of the scorpion's tail, which says "do not mess with me"!

- Key phrase: I wish - the drive

- Main qualities: strong, durable, stubborn, sexual, intimate, passionate, healing, stealthy, interested in occult knowledge. This sign can penetrate the depths of the human soul.

- Weaknesses: a sense of ownership, obsessive, touchy, striving to control others, revenge, emotionally selfish, criminal, paranoid, and destructive. He may be masochistic as well.

- Key words: Transforming, purposeful, magnetic, insightful, powerful, sexual, destructive, secretive, suspicious, disguised, traumatic, self-destructive, vengeful, insulting, controlling.

- Appearence: He has deep eyes and a keen eye. The body radiates magnetism. The skin and the hair are often dark. The clothes are usually interesting and impressive.

- Mind: With a keen mind that comes to the heart of the problem. Combining logic with intuition, he is a great strategist. He is ruthlessly self-critical. It's hard to forget insults and thoughts of revenge.

- Emotions: He does not easily show his emotions, but they are very intense when it comes to love and jealousy. It often conceals these emotions with arrogance. Ever suspect others in betrayal, afraid of abandonment.

- Element: water

- Planet - Mars - Mars is associated with desires and passions. It symbolizes the energy that leads you. How do you make love? What Kind is Your Sexuality? What would you fight for?

- Day – Tuesday

- Motivs – regeneration

- Body parts: sexual organs, reproductive organs and nose.

- Color: turquoise - green blue;

- Zodiac stone: Topaz, turquoise;

- Affirmation: I am passionate and sexual, I create intimacy. I accept death, knowing that it will lead to rebirth. I'm ready to be the bearer of God's healing powers.

How to wake up the Scorpio energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to awaken the Scorpio energy:

1. Focus on the change. Get rid of everything you do not need - things, relationships, emotions, and open up to new opportunities. Allow the old obstacles to die so that the new ones can appear in their place.

2. Try to create proximity to the important people in your life. Open in front of them.

3. Create intimacy. If possible, have sex.

4. In this week, look into your soul and identify your most intimate secrets. See what skeleton you hid in the closet. If possible, share with someone you trust your most intimate secrets. Discover. Then write your emotions down, describe how you feel and feel free of the secret.

5. Wear blue-green. The Scorpio color is a mixture of green and blue and this gives the turquoise color. Many ancient traditions use the turquoise stone to enhance their shamanic abilities. Wear this color to enhance your Scorpio energy.

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