Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

SAGITTARIUS – THE OPTIMISTIC TRAVELER:  Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you a sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the first 8 signs, it is time to explore the most fun and optimistic of them all – The Sagittarius.

What you need to know about Sagittarius

Symbol: Centaurus

- Key phrase: I understand!

Strengths: sincerity, openness, honesty, goodwill, enthusiasm, carelessness, cheerfulness, generosity, loftyness, joy;

Weaknesses: doesn’t notice details, turmoil, clumsiness, nonsatisfaction, concession, clutter, inclination to teach and moralize others;

- Shadow: Too self-confident, inconsistent, lack of focus. Sagittarius is capable of making everyone feel bad for themselves and their level of knowledge.

- Keywords: Strong, Optimistic, Traveler, Freedom lover; Knowledge

- Appearance: Man – Strong and energetic, large body; nice open face with wide forehead. Hair brown, straight or curly, tendency to baldness from the forehead. Eyes - glamorous, smart, big. Mouth - big, well formed, fleshy lips, good-natured smile. Movements - energetic, alive, sometimes clumsy.  The woman Sagittarius - with strong  body; hair fragile, with a red hue. Face light, round, high forehead. Dark eyes, a keen eye; big mouth.

- Mind: Sagittarians are as immediate as children, and a person, even if he wants, can not be angry with them. And if they put into action their famous sense of humor, they will hardly have any enemies.  They are very lively and always seeking for something new. They really love adventures. Their biggest strength is their philosophical way of thinking and ability to see the bigger picture.

- Emotions: Sagittarians believe in the spiritual. These people are very positive and try to look at the bright side of live, they never give up on the difficulties and do not allow themselves to get depressed over small things. On the other hand, they can be pretty rough and can easily reject advices. They are very active and love open spaces and outdoor activities. They are interested in all kinds of games and physical activities. They are empathic and sincere; always take care of their loved ones and try to solve their problems.

In relationships they really value their freedom and they need excitement and variety.

- Lessons in life: To learn to be less impulsive and learn to be more grounded.

Element: Fire;

- Planet:  Jupiter;

-Season: Autumn;

- Day: Thursday

- Body parts: Liver

- Color: Blue;

- Zodiac stone: hyacinth, turquoise, purple amethyst, blue sapphire;

- Affirmation: I see things that other people can’t;

How to wake up the Sagittarius energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Sagittarius energy:

  • Travel – if you want to awaken the Sagittarius energy within you, the best thing you can do is travel. Just get in the car and go somewhere new. Somewhere you have never been. Or book tickets for an exotic destination;
  • Do something you have never done before. This may be everything, from knitting to climbing a mountain top. The only condition is to be new for you, to challenge you, to take you out of your comfort zone;
  • Learn something new. Sagittarius loves to learn new things;
  • Think positive – the most important thing about a Sagittarius energy is that this is a positive one. So, if you want to awaken this energy within, try to find something to be thankful for no matter the situation you are in.

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