Planets and Money in Astrology

The Money Each Planet Can Bring You

In this article we will explore the potential of each planet when it comes to money. In other words – how much can each planet bring you if it’s affecting your finances in the birth chart or in prediction.


Sun – it can bring enthusiasm and confidence when it comes to earning money. Usually, the person is capable of doing that on his own. Very often his self-esteem can be based on that. At the same time the Sun is not a very material planet and that’s why usually we don’t expect it to bring the biggest fortune.


Moon – this planet can be very passive and that’s why usually we can’t rely that it will bring us fortune. At the same time safety and security are very important and that’s what can motivate it to build up its own castle of stability and safety. The Moon is also a very material planet and that’s why money becomes an important theme. In some cases, the person can be a good provider and in other cases – he can be dependent.


Mercury – usually this planet can bring some interesting ideas when it comes to earning money. But other than that, we can’t rely on some significant fortune and wealth.


Venus – the planet of pleasures and joy doesn’t like the hard work. It can bring good amount of money but not huge. Usually, it doesn’t require significant efforts to do that and that’s why the person might be a little reckless with what he does with his money. In most cases Venus brings financial comfort.


Mars – it can bring drive and motivation for earning and spending money as well. The greatest quality of this planet is the braveness. The person is capable of taking risks, but the outcome can sometimes be positive and in other cases negative. A very common situation is that the person can earn good money but he can’t keep it.


Jupiter – the great benefactor and the planet of expansion can also bring financial abundance and wealth. Jupiter can bring more than Venus. We talk about real fortune. The trick here is that the person may not appreciate enough what he has and he may spend it recklessly.


Saturn – the most popular believe is that Saturn brings poverty, but in reality, in the most common situations it’s only the fear of poverty. Saturn requires logic and practicality and punishes profligacy. Very often it teaches people how to be cautious and good financial managers. It can also bring stability.


Uranus – this is the planet of polarities and that’s why it can bring significant instability. Things may change drastically very fast – both in positive and negative direction. Uranus is a planet related to idealism and there is nothing practical in it. That’s why it doesn’t care so much about money. Uranus can bring money from original things, innovations and revolutions of some sort.


Neptune – this planet can be tricky and difficult to navigate. Sometimes it may bring significant amounts of money (more than Venus and Jupiter) without serious efforts. In other cases, it can mess up things and create total confusion. With Neptune money can come and go away easily.


Pluto – brings the highest amount of money. Here we talk about real fortune in big scale. But this planet also requires very strong personal qualities in order to be able to navigate the energy. Otherwise it can become destructive. The riches people have a strong Pluto energy in their charts. 

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