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AQUARIUS:  THE KIND HUMAN LOVER - Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the exploration of the other 10 signs, it is time to learn something more about the most independent sign.

What you need to know about AQUARIUS

- Symbol: The Water-bearer;

- Key phrase: I know;

- Strengths: independence, originality, progressiveness, good friend, humanity, idealism, intelligence;

- Weaknesses: non-resilience, eccentricity, individualism, impracticality, non-emotionality, chaoticity, distraction;

- Shadow:  Unpredictable, Detachment, Tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency;

- Keywords: freedom, future, revolution, improvement, community, ideals

- Appearance: The male Aquarius – high, with pale skin. Eyes - large and beautiful, dark blue or brown in color, beautifully drawn nose, wide forehead, fleshy chin, long fingers and limbs. The Aquarius woman - high, and thin body; hair straight, light brown or blond. A pale face, small nose, freckles on the cheeks. Brown or bright eyes, dreamy look;  thin lips, long neck.

- Mind: If an Aquarius needs to be described in one word, it would be independent. He loves freedom and feels best among friends. Marriage, with the constraints it imposes, will make him feel trapped even in his own home. That is why he prefers a non-contractual relationships and clauses.  His partner should impress him with originality, with unconventional and prejudiced behavior, which should never be a must. He values people as a whole.  For an Aquarius, friendship and understanding are extremely important and he can easily create countless friends everywhere he goes. Interestingly, he is listening to others stories, but he doesn’t like to share his own.

- Emotions: Some people accuse the Aquarius of insensitivity, but that is not entirely true. At the beginning of their relationships, they usually appear violently and suddenly, and soon afterwards they react calmly and sometimes cold. At this moment, the Aquarius begins to study the subject of his feelings. For him, intellectual harmony, the proximity of interests, the same tastes and passions are of utmost importance.

- Lessons in life: To learn to be less in the clouds and to accept things as they are;

- Element: Air,

- Planet:  Uranus;

-Season: End of winter

- Day: Sunday and Saturday

- Number: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

- Body parts: Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black

- Color: aquamarine;

- Zodiac stone: turkoaz, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, onyx;

- Affirmation: I know things others don’t.

How to wake up the Aquarius energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Aquarius energy:

  • Help others – The Aquarius is famous for his humanitarian nature. So, if you want to awaken this energy within, become volunteers. Choose an activity where you can be useful and take the time to help those in need. It can be a home for adults, children or animals. Whatever it is, helping will make you feel like Aquarius.
  • Intelligence comes first.  For an Aquarius intellectual development is very important. Therefore, to awaken this energy within yourself, take the time to educate and enrich yourself. Refer to completely unknown topics to make yourself feel more like Aquarius.
  • Be independent. For Aquarius, independence is very important, both emotional and financial. Take care of your finances. Make sure you have a savings fund and make sure you have money set aside for at least a few months ahead. This will make you feel more freedom.
  • Live healthy. Eat healthy and turn to alternative medicine if you want to awaken the Aquarius within yourself. Eat more fruits and vegetables, meditate, do yoga and walk in nature.
  • Be loyal. When an Aquarius gives a promise, he will make sure to stick to it. So, when you promise someone something, make sure you fulfill your promise on time.

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